The Senghenydd Crate

1920s. National Museum Cardiff.


During October 2012, staff at National Museum Cardiff  were cleaning the lower basement levels as part of a public health and safety evaluation. Opening a door into a small passageway they discovered a mysterious crate, labelled with the word “Senghenydd” on one side.


The box contained a diverse range of artefacts including stuffed animals, bone fragments, archival photographs and a series of notebooks owned by Sir Cyril Fox, one of the Museum's most celebrated directors. No mention of this crate’s existence has been found anywhere in the Museum’s archive.

Highlights within the Crate include: evidence of archaeological digs in 1926 and 1942; photographs that led to the 2013 rediscovery of the Stoat Drawing of Paviland Cave; a series of enigmatic photograph plates.

During Autumn 2013, objects found in The Senghenydd Crate are being publicly displayed within National Museum Wales alongside related objects from the Museum collection, uncovering
the stories behind this remarkable find.