Upper Cranium

Late Paleolithic Era. The Senghenydd Crate.


In addition to the photographs and material within Sir Cyril Fox's notebooks, The Senghenydd Crate also contained a series of bones and bone fragments retrieved by Fox during the 1926 and 1948 digs.

One of the most significant of these is the perfectly preserved upper cranial structure of the "Rigara" creature found during the 1926 dig.


The cranial structure of the Rigara creature is unusually dense, with a series of marked ridges. These indicate the Rigara was likely to use its head as a form of attack or defense.

Evidence from the photographs made by the dig team indicate there were a considerable number of additional bones unearthed on the site. It is not known why only a handful of these bones were stored within the Crate, and the location of the rest of the Rigara remains is unknown.

Dig Photograph 136
Dig Photograph 137
Dig Photograph 139
Rigara Combat
Rigara Reconstruction
Rigara Remains